WOAH GUYS ALREADY 1 YEAR? times flies!! I’m so happy actually and I’m sorry I’m not that active :/ but I’m still here and don’t worry, I’ll update soon! Thank you so much!! ♥

타요버스가 대세라서 슬픈 뽀로로야 힘내. [twitter - all4b2uty]
aisb2uty sent:
I never realized Yoseob took so many selfies lol. Your blog is amazing by the way!! I absolutely love it <33 :)

Eheh yes he does! I’m sorry for not updating lately I’ll keep up with Yoseobbie (more like Yanggaengie right now ㅋㅋㅋ)’s twitter soon! Thank you so much! 

흔들흔들흔들흔들 [twitter - all4b2uty]
tr: shake shake shake shake
왕눈이 [twitter - all4b2uty]
옹기종기모여서 부산으로 고고씽!! [twitter - all4b2uty]
또 심심해 [twitter - all4b2uty]
(looks like he&#8217;s bored)
아 심심해!!! 여러분 모해용? [twitter - all4b2uty]
이거올렸었어었어오,? [twitter - all4b2uty]
오늘 쇼타임을 위해 날 여러번 내려놓았다. 특히&#8230;노래방.. 목아프다&#8230;아..그 목 말고 뒷 목..하도 머리를 흔들어대서&#8230;ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ [twitter - all4b2uty]